From the President

For over 22 years, Pro-Ag Consulting, LLC has been there for farmers in an effort to increase yields and reduce fertilizer costs by making fertilizer recommendations based on soil testing, tissue testing and field observations.

Pro-Ag’s customers have found that year after year fertilizer costs can be reduced by atleast 50% and in many cases 75% and still maintain or increase yields.  The old method of applying plant food based on crop removal is very outdated and extremely inefficient.

As operating margins become smaller and smaller, the one expense that provides you an opportunity to reduce input costs is fertilizer costs.  Using an inventory program of the needed fertilizer elements, you can apply just the needed elements to make your program as efficient as possible.

We would like to show you how area farmers have implemented our program and saved thousands of dollars each and every year.  Please give us a call; we will gladly come to your place and discuss our program with you.


Donald E. Hackerson
Pro-Ag Consulting, LLC