About Us

BuildingProfessional Agricultural Services (Pro-Ag) started in 1979 in Beardstown, IL by John V. Hackerson.  In 1985, Donald E. Hackerson joined his brother and together they formed a partnership.  In 1987, a second office was opened in Shelby County, IL.  The business expanded rapidly and in 1991 the Shelby County business became  Pro-Ag Consulting, a sole-proprietary business owned by Don Hackerson.  In October 2002, Pro-Ag Consulting became Pro-Ag Consulting, LLC is now an employee owned business. The new owners are: Chris Behl (Bloomington, IL), Jason Boerngen (Montrose, IL), Ted Huber (Oakland, IL), and Matt Schilling (McLeansboro, IL), Chuck Campbell (Neoya, IL), Don Hackerson (Windsor, IL).

Currently, Pro-Ag Consulting, LLC has offices in seven Illinois locations – Shelby County (Windsor), McLean County (Bloomington), Effingham County (Montrose), Hamilton County (McLeansboro), Pike County (Hull) and Edgar County (Oakland).

In 1999, a survey of 500 independent consulting firms was taken nationwide.  Pro-Ag Consulting was rated number 5 in size with over 1000 customers in 53 counties in Illinois and 10 counties in Indiana.

Currently our customer base exceeds 4,000 customers in 90 counties in Illinois, 13 counties in Indiana, 9 counties in Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Pro-Ag Consulting, LLC does not sell any products; our only source of revenue is working directly for the farmer.  We are not connected with any other company in anyway.