Customer Testimonials


” When Pro-Ag took over our farm the liquid manure had ruined the natural balance of your soil and our yields showed it. Gary and John helped get our fields in order”
Chuck Jennings
Greenfield, IL
Acres: 600
Since: 1985

” I have used PRO-AG since 1982.By fertilizing on the grid system I have lowered my fertilizer cost per acre significantly. I keep farm records with Farm Business Farm Management, and when I compare my farm to others in FBFM I may not have the highest yield, but my return management and labor (profit) is always in the top 1/3 and most years in the top 5-10%. I would highly recommend PRO-AG to anyone trying to increase their bottom line income.”

Allen Alsup
Warrensburg, IL.
Acres: 1300
Since: 1982

“I have worked with PRO-AG for 11 years. While a little sceptical at first, I soon realized their recommendations are based on good, sound agronomics backed up by the Universities. They don’t sell me a product, but are a valuable resource and service for my operation. PRO-AG helps me reach my top “economic” yield, today that’s all that counts.

Kevin Pinter
Malden, IL.
Acres: 800
Since: 1992

“I farm a little over 2000 acres in Union City, Illinois and for the past three years have been using your service on an increasing number of acres each year. I am confident it is making my operation more productive with less $$ input. By putting the fertilizer only where I need it I am able to keep the same fertilizer budget, but spread it over many more acres. I like having the ability to spread the nutrients with my own equipment without buying a lot of expensive site specific bells and whistles that will be obsolete in a couple of years.Another big plug is the human factor. My PRO-AG rep is always more than eager to do what it takes.”

Mitchel McLane
Wolf Lake, IL.
Acres: 1900
Since: 2000

“I use my grid testing like a road map for my soil fertility. I would not farm an acre without it.”

James Tennis
Mt. Carmel, IL.
Acres: 1300
Since: 1989

“Having used the PRO-AG services for seven years,I felt that the grid mapping and fertility recommendations of the PRO-AG technicians have not only saved me money, but have made a handsome return on the fees I have paid. By spending my fertilizer dollars on the areas needed,not just a “shotgun” approach, I get the maximum return for the money I invest in fertilizer. My yields have been satisfactory and soil test results show a continued improvement in my soil fertility levels. I trust PRO-AG’s recommendations, because they are not in the business of selling fertilizer.”

Ed Harmon
Kansas, IL.

“PRO-AG Consulting,LLC has lowered my fertilizer costs significantly and my yields have not dropped. The program gives landlords piece of mind, knowing that the land is not being mined of nutrients. The maps are clear, easy to read, and the legend explains everything very well.”

Damon Doll
Bushnell, IL.
Acres: 800
Since: 1999

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