Agronomics Information Lab

Many of you have often asked, “What’s our next step with your Program?” After soil testing for years, getting your fields in better balance and seeing net profits increase many of you have asked for a more detailed look at what goes on in your field.

Some of you have done yield mapping and it confirmed what you already knew about the field. It was difficult to correlate the yield data with Soil Types, Fertilizer Levels, Tiling Info, etc. Multiple layers of information were very hard to interpret. Pro-Ag Agronomics Information Lab put field information in a whole different light. This program generates a database of information about your field. It includes soil test information, soil type data, elevations, tiling, soil production ratings, yield data, planting information by date and by hybrid/variety.

Additional data can be entered such as herbicide/insecticide, row width, plant population, tillage type, etc. All of this data is built into a database for your use. Multiple years of data are stored and made available to you when needed.

Regional Information Also Available 
The information collected in your area can be part of a regional database if you elect to participate. Your information will be given an operator number with no name available. This information will be pooled with other participating farmers to form this regional database. You will be able to access the information and get reports from that data. A sample report may be “What Group 4 bean produces the best yield in our area?” Another report may be “What Hybrid produces the best yield on certain soil types?” This information may make a difference of 5-10 bushel per acre, greatly increasing your profits.

Variable Rate Planting 
We now can produce variable rate input disks from your variable rate planter. You determine the factors you want to consider when determining variable rates. Factors such as elevation, tiling, soil type, and fertility can be used to determine the population rates of your planter.

Spread Disks Based on Nutrient Removal 
If you need to replace nutrients based on crop removal, we can prepare the spread disk using your yield data. Several cash rent contracts are now requiring the tenant to return removal nutrients.

Offers Many Benefits to You

  • Site Specific Information of each and every field (Helps you make the correct decisions and make more profit)
  • Gives you all the information in an organized manner for you to make management decisions
  • Precise Management reports for Hybrids & Varieties (Assists you in making Critical Selections for next year)
  • Reports of Hybrid performance by Soil Type assure you of placing the best hybrid on each soil type
    (More yield, more profits for your operation)

Let us help you get started with the best field information program available. Call your regional manager or call our office in Windsor and we will be glad to help you get started increasing your profits on your farm.

How to get Started

  1. Just give us a call – 1-800-879-2297  
  2. Decide which field/fields you would like tested.
  3. Our Soil agronomists will take samples and make any additional field measurements.
  4. A set of computer-drawn maps and our consultant’s assessments are delivered to you.
  5. You call when you are ready to apply fertilizer and we will either to flag the sections of the field that need fertilizer or we will prepare a spread disk for spreading the necessary nutrients using GPS.