Facts About Our Program

Research data from Midwest universities show that maximum corn and bean yields may be obtained by maintaining soil pH between 6.1 and 6.5, Phosphate (P1) levels between 30-45 lbs. per acre and Potash test levels of 270-325 lbs. Per acre.

But, most farmers follow the practice promoted by most fertilizer companies and that is to replace what he crop removes or more commonly called “maintenance.” Never knowing what the yield will be because of weather, it becomes a guessing game and a very inefficient game at that.

The most recommend maintenance application is 200 lbs. Of 18-46-0 and 200 lbs. Of 0-0-60 per acre. The mixture of the two amounts produces a chemical analysis of 36-92-120 per acre. Average cost of about $136 per acre. Two hundred (200) lbs. of 18-46-0 makes up about $66 per acre of this cost. These per acre prices are based on bi-weekly figures from this link, http://www.ams.usda.gov/mnreports/gx_gr210.txt.

Test results published in the Illinois Agronomy handbook proves that maximum yields for corn and beans can be obtained by maintaining water soluble phosphate levels of 35 to 50# per acre. But 60 to 70% of the soils we test for the first time are in excess of 50#. Applying phosphate to the soils WILL NOT increase yields. Additional tests have proven if you do not apply phosphate fertilizer, the P1 phosphate level will decrease only 2 to 4# an acre per year. With soil tests in 80 to 100# acre average, it is safe to assume you can harvest corn and beans for the next 10 to 15 years and not apply phosphate fertilizer. That money can be used in other parts of your farming operations.

Potash levels maintained at 280 o 300# per acre provides maximum yield response from Potash. So if your potash tests indicate that your soil has 300#/A or better, applying potash will not increase your yields. If you are under 300#’s we recommend applying potash. It takes 4# of K2O to raise your soil test 1#. A 100# application of 0-0-60 will therefore increase your test 15#.

Applying Phosphate and Potash only where you can get an economic return has always been PRO-AG Consulting, LLC program.

Using grid mapping we can identify those areas in the field that are over fertilized and will not give you an economic return by applying more fertilizer. We can also identify the low areas that will give you an economic response. Improving the yield in those areas will increase the field average. Since the escalation of fertilizer prices in 2007, our average customer spends about $48.00 per acre for Phosphate and Potash compared to the average of $110.00 to $140.00 per acre.

The end result is more efficient fertilizer program and higher net profits for your operation. We do not sell any products. We do not have a sales tax number, we use or experience to help become more profitable.